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We live in a world where most people don't talk about sex. The result is misunderstanding and confusion that leads to a number of problems. In this section you can ask anything you want about sex and our resident sexologist will answer the question. You can also read answers to some common sexual queries.

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DELi am having my girlfreind . every 2 or 3 day i


i have very little facial hair. although 25 i dont


is it necessary to masturbate on a regular basis?w

Whether to masturbate or not is ones own choice. There are no ill effects of not masturbating, however semen formation continues 24 hours a day and if one is not married the only way the semen can let it self out is through wet dreams or nocturnal emissio

I am getting married in 1 month. I here there are

The vagina has only one opening and to get further information please meet your doctor who could show you anatomical pictures to give you the right undersanding.

I am not able to have intercourse. I lose my erect

You are suffering from premature ejaculation and should consult a psychiatrist who will explain you techniques like the stop start or squeeze method. Also the psychiatrist will be able to prescribe you medications which when taken a few hours before inter

Is stenford drug by Himalaya drug comp. will effce

The stop start method works only when done correctly and the timing is right. You must consult a psychiatrist not only to learn these techniques but also because the psychiatrist can prescribe you medications which when taken few hours before the intercou

During start of intercourse,at first I get erectio

Tying a string is dangerous as I remeber seeing a patient who slept off with such a string. The next day he presented with a necrotic penis that required amputation. From your description it seems you have premature ejaculation and require to use the sen

last year i had selected for gulf. but in the medi

VDRL tests is a test that is positive in those who are infected with the syphilis bacteria. This is a sexually transmitted disease and if you are certain that you have never had sex with someone then the test has to ideally be negative. Sometimes these te

i am getting to excited at the time of having inte

You are suffering from premature ejaculation which is common amongst many a men. This can be easily treated with certain behavioral modifications like the stop-start & the squeeze techniques. Both of these are featured on our site (use our site search eng

I have been married last 4 years ago and I am stil

Masturbation has not caused this. This is a separate problem for which no effective cure is available. Since your count is low, it is advisable that you meet a infertility expert and consider artificial inseminization, where the doctor could isolate your

What is uretheral intercourse, and is it safe safe

There is nothing like urethral intercourse. Intercourse requires the penis to enter an orfice like vagina or anus or in case of oral sex the mouth. Urethra is too small for such a possibility.

Hi, I am a 25 year old male living in India. I ha

A lot of times during masturbation one need not necessarily get the required orgasm. As you yourself understand that inadequate lubrication is one such reason. Also, one need not feel good every time one masturbates. There are various reasons for it -- in

what sex myth generaly men have about his organ?

The greatest myth a man has about his organ is the size of the organ. It is generally perceived that the bigger the penis, the greater satisfaction he will get during sexual intercourse. The other would be that if the organ is bent or slanting in a parti

i have very little facial hair. although 25 i dont

Facial hair is primarily due to congenital reasons and hormonal factors. If in your family there is a tendency to have less facial hair, you probably would not sport too much of facial hair. At the same time if you are stressed or are going through som

REsp sir, I have a habit of masturbating more t

If you are comfortable masturbating twice a day, so be it! You will have to stop the moment it becomes too painful or becomes a disturbing/compulsive influence in your life. Masturbation does not affect ones health. But overdoing something to the extent o


DO NOT PANIC! Well, I know it is easy for me to say that, when what I understand is essentially your lost essence is giving you sleepless nights. But, believe me, it is really a temporary phase, just as your doc mentioned. There is some trigger that has l

It would be good to know who answers the sex queri

We have a psychiatrist, a heart specialist, an ENT surgeon and a counsellor, who answer these questions.

How does a woman become pregnant and whether one i

A woman becomes pregnant when the sperm meets with the ovum and conception happens. For a woman to be pregnant, she has to be ovulating, which may depend on her menstrual cycle. The only time she does not stand the risk of becoming pregnant is during her

is masturbation healthy or having sex more healthy

Masturbation is done by over 90 % of males and is absolutely normal. Masturbation does not have any ill effects on ones mind, body or sexual health. Most young males masturbate at least once a day. Only compulsive masturbation at the cost of other activit

I have not had a wet dream yet, and when i ejacula

You have not mentioned whether you masturbate or not but since you have mentioned you ejaculate it is presumed by us that you do so. Wet dreams are common only when no other form of sexual act (masturbation or intercourse) is used to ejaculate the semen.

I have been masturbating since the last 8/9 years.

Just because two things seem to happen at one time does not mean they are related to each other. Masturbation is a normal practice done by as many as 90% of the males. Masturbation in no way affects ones physical, mental or sexual health. It does not caus

Hi,I've been reading through all the queries and y

Masturbation is a normal practice done by as many as 90% of the males. Masturbation in no way affects ones physical, mental or sexual health. Acne is caused by the infection of sabaceous glands within the skin and this is not related to masturbation. Plea

Dear sir I have heard about mastrubation in colleg

Masturbation is a normal practice and is performed by self stimulation of the penile organ leading to a point of orgasm (ejaculation). All claims of masturbatin being harmful are mere misconceptions.

How does a woman become pregnant and whether one i

A woman becomes pregnant when intercourse occurs at the time of ovulation which is around fourteen days prior to the next menstruation in a regular 28 day cycle. As cycles are likely to be longer or shorter,one cannot be easily sure of the exact time of o

i had given my problem earlier to you now i am giv

You have several problems, the answers to which are as follows: 1)Your body weight and investigation reports suggest that you are suffering from obesity rather than an hormonal problem. Surgical interventions are not easy under these circumstances and it

Dear Sir, I have been mastrubating for the past f

You seem to be a victim of misconceptions as mas turbation is a normal practise, that does not affect the physical or mental health of an individual. No penis is absolutely straight and to think that masturbation is the cause of bending/curving is inappro

hi doc. I have a 3.5\" long erect penis.I am not

The length of the penis has no correlation with sexual performance or satisfaction, unless it is too small.This does not seem to be so in your case. There are no scientifically proven methods to increase the length of the penis. Falling prey to such clai

I am a 26 year old bachelor. I have foreskin on my

Dear Bhaskar, The description of your problem suggests that you could be suffering from phimosis/ paraphimosis.Conservative treatment is possible only in the earlier stages, after which surgical intervention is a must, in which case you would require to

I asked this question two or three days back but I

Unfortunately there is no such medicine available in India. You are cautioned against falling prey to any such claims made in commercial advertisements regarding the same.

I am suffering freom erectile dysfunction since la

There could be many causes for erectile dysfunction, for example 1)physical disease 2)medications that you may be taking 3)excessive consumption of alcohol or other drugs of abuse 4)physical or psychological stress 5)Not getting along well emotionally wi

For the past 6 months I have been ejaculating in t

Your problem is that of nocturnal emissions.Semen is produced 24 hour a day and is stored in the seminal vesicles. The semen thus stored is released through either 1)sexual intercourse or 2)masturbation. If either of the two are not practised, the semen a

frequency of intercourse since diabteic last 2 yrs

Dear Raju, kindly post your query to us again in adequate detail, as the nature of your problem is not clear. Looking forward to supporting you.

The length and thickness of my penis is less when

The length and the thickness of the penis has no relation to sexual performance or gratification. There are no medications available for increasing the length or thickness of the penis.You may visit a urologist to rule out hormonal dysfunctions which cou

I am in my mid thirties and unable to acheive sust

Dear Rajesh, Some antihypertensives are known to affect sexual function. However you have not mentioned the name of the medicine you are on, in your query. It is advisable that you discuss the matter with your doctor freely, as afterall doctors are well

I am married for the last 3 1/2yrs and have a 2 1/

Your problem of premature ejaculation can also be treated with medicines taken few hours prior to sexual intercouse. You will require to meet a psychiatrist in Calcutta for a valid prescription.

Can you recommend a medicine available in India si

Unfortunately, there is no known medicine with effects equivalent to Viagra , in India. It is advisable that you avoid falling prey to commercial advertisements claiming the same.

What myths do men generally have about their sexu

The most commonest misconceptions are as follows: 1)Short length of the penis means reduced sexual performance, reduced gratification for the sexual partner. 2)Masturbation leads to loss of energy,weakness, physical and mental illness, is sinful, can c

I have high cholesterol problem.I have been taking

Dear Nox, Thanks for your query. We have searched the research database for you and found that majority of the research studies suggest that lovastatin does not impair sexual (testicular) function.With respect to the homeopathic medicine, we have forward

Actully from last 1 month I am manstrubating , and

Dear Rajen, Masturabation in no way leads to physical or psychological problems. Your acne problem is likely to be completely independent of sexual activity and may require treatment from a skin specialist.

I got recently married and facing problems in maki

Premature ejaculation is a common problem for many. However it can be treated effectively using the squeeze technique and the stop-start technique (both of which feature briefly on our site). You may want to get a psychiatrist to help you with the above m

I am 25 years old married man and I came to your s

Dear Gurpeet, Size of the penis has no relation what so ever with sexual gratification. Your problem of not getting an erection for a longer time will require a detailed examination by two experts 1)Urologist and 2)Psychiatrist. Moreover it is importa

How important is the length of the penis important

Dear Kumar, That sexual gratification depends upon the length, girth and erectness of the penis is a misconception. Each individual is unique and penile lengths vary from individual to individual in flacid and erect states. It has been scientifically pr

Hi, I am a 25 year old male living in India. I ha

Dear KD, Masturbation can at times cause irritation of local tissues, leading to some discomfort for a short period. This should not be a cause for worry. Being gentle at the time of masturbation will relieve you of this discomfort. There is no way in w

My penis is very small. The size is so short, as o

Dear Mr jain, Thanks for visiting our site. The penile size in a flacid state does not matter as far as normal sex life is concerned. It has been proved that people with small penis have normal lengths when erect. However your inability to ejaculate se

whenever my wife gives a blowjob I get a pecular t

Dear Jadhav, The descriptions of your symptoms do not suggest that you have any problem. The sensory nerves are heavily concentrated over the skin of the penis, which might be causing the sensations that you sense. Getting a feeling of wanting to mictura

I am unable ejaculate during intercourse. I am mar

Dear Suresh, Since you get nocturnal emissions and erections it is unlikely that you suffer from impotency. You might want to get your semen tested as that will give a clue to the precise nature of your problem. Intercourse is possible event with a p


Dear Ashok, Masturbation is a normal practice and doing so 3-4 times per week will in no way affect your physical / psychological health. Your memory problem is more due to your obsession with sex, which does not allow you to concentrate on your studies.

Sir, I have a habit of masturbating more than twi

Dear Priyaj, Reasearch on masturbation has shown that it does not cause any ill effects on health. Be assured that if you continue the activity at the frequency you mention, there should be no problem per se.

I got married on Dec'99 with a 20 year old girl.We

Dear AD, you have made the right decision and should continue to abide by the same. Problems related to late conception occur when the would be mother is in her thirtiees. In case you feel the pressure of your friends & relatives get them to meet a docto

I am in a habit of masturbation quite, often like.

Dear Bharat, Masturbation is a normal practice and done by almost all males. The frequency varies from individual to individual, though it is more in younger age groups. You are getting pain in the testes and while passing urine because continuous sexual

I am in a habit of masturbation quite often. I mas

Dear Bharat, Masturbation is a normal practice. The average number is generally once or twice a day. You are getting pain while passing urine and in testes because you are masturbating to many times at one instance. This is likely to cause irritation to


Dear Rony, You have a perfectly normal penile length. Research has shown that sexual gratification does not depend upon length of penis, in fact people with shorter penis have almost the same length as others during erection.

Dear Sir, I want to know that whether this is a p

Dear Hemansu, Wet dreams - also called nocturnal emissions are normal. The semen is produced continuosly and requires an outlet, which is generally in the form of masturbation, sex or nocturnal emissions. If you are unmarried, regular masturbation would

I am mastubrating three times a day, from last thr

Dear Anubhav, Masturbation is a normal practice amongst males. The frequency is generally more (as in your case)in the earlier years and goes down as age increases (when it loses its novelty). Be assured that it will not hamper either your physical healt

I masturbulate everyday, you can say that for 365

Dear Sadik, Masturbation is a normal phenomenon. Indulging in masturbation on a daily basis will not affect your sexual or physical health in any way.

What are the symptoms of ghonnoria and what are th

Dear Raj, The common symptoms of ghonnorial infection are: 1)Fever. 2)Purulent discharge and burning micturation. 3)Enlarged lymph nodes in the inguinal region. This problem is commonly treated with antibiotics. As it is medically unethical to pres

what are the symptoms of ghonnoria and what are th

Please refer to our feature on `Know your STDs\", in which you will find what gonorrhea is all about. As for the treatment of the disease, it would be best to get the advice of an expert on the same.

I am 21. My problem is that I still have not grown

Dear Vinay, The two plausible reasons for your problem are: 1)Constitutional - Which means that's the way you are made. There are many who do not have a full grown beard and yet it is perfectly normal & natural. 2)Endocrine problem: This could be a rar

I have a very large varicocele on my left testicle

You have the following problems: 1)Varicocele - For which you ought to contact a urosurgeon. The urologist will also need to examine and find out the cause for the driblling of urine. 2)Your other problem about the colour of semen, STD & AIDS is due to

I am married for 2 years and we have a son born re

Dear DKG, You have a problem of \"Premature ejaculation\". This problem is easily treated with certain behavioral modifications like \"stop start technique\" or by use of medications,a few hours prior to sex. The length of your penis is normal and the

I am suffering from early ejaculation and hence no

Dear Krishna, Your problem of premature ejaculation is a common one. This problem can be tackled by use of simple techniques like the squeeze method and stop-start method, check them out in our sex and sexology section. The other way to handle the proble

what are the symptoms of ghonnoria and what are th

Thank you for responding to us. Your query is been directed to an expert and shall be answered shortly.

I want to do sex with girls how do i talk about it

Thank you for responding to us. Your query is been directed to an expert and shall be answered shortly.

Please let me know how to satisfy my wife at the t

Your query suggest that you want to have safe sex during the period of ovulation. The best way to do so is to use condoms, which however have a failure rate of 1%. The only other way in which you can satisfy your wife is to reach her to an orgasm without

What are water-based lubricants ? Can you specify

Thank you for responding to us. Your query is been directed to an expert and shall be answered shortly.

I recently got married. It was a love marriage and

This is a common problem for newly married couples. You will have to show patience as any negative reaction will only worsen matters. You will require to meet a psychiatrist for detailed guidance, however some tips could help: 1)Brush aside the disspoi

I am not getting full erection as before. Can it b

Many thanks for the question. It is perfectly fine to be sensuous at your age. However to expect an erection as one has in the younger age is illogical. One has to accept that with ageing the physiological changes will affect various parts of the body inc

we are having problem in having child.The main rea

Thank you for responding to us. Unfortunately there is no definite medicine for increasing the quality and quantity of sperms. It is advisable that you consult a gyenaecologist who specialises in artificial inseminisation as they could isolate the viable

what is the ideal size of an erect penis?

Thank you for responding to us. There is no ideal size of an erect penis. If the penis is sufficiently long to enter the first third of the vagina, it is possible for both partners to achieve sexual gratification. It is important to note that even a parti

Please help me with some tips to have longer sex p

Thank you for responding to us. Your problem is that you get premature ejaculation. There are techniques like the stop-start and squeeze methods that you may want to use (visit our site for details). Alternatively, you may get guidance on these techniques

I masturbate 4 -5 a week. Will it affect my sexual

Thank you for responding to us. At the frequency you mention masturbation will in no way affect your physical, mental or sexual life before or after marraige. Its perfectly fine if you have not had sex yet, there is no reason to feel bad about the same.

Sir, from the last six months,I stimulated my girl

Thanks for the query. There will be no ill effects of your current practice and you may continue to indulge in the same.

I have been married for 9 yrs now Me and my wife

Masturbation has nothing to do with the above problem. It is natural for men to not get sufficiently aroused a second time after immediately after the first orgasm. While women do not seem to have a problem. The only way out is to have a time gap between

I am newly wed. I am-not able to penetrate my wife

Please follow the instructions below: 1) Be gentle, do not hurry your spouse. 2)reassure your wife and discuss the matter with her. 3)Indulge in fore play for a longer time as this will dialte the vagina and also lubricate it sufficiently. 4)If lubric

dear sir/ma'am we have a very good relation betwe

Some individuals do get pain and discomfort following sexual activity. It is unlikely to be due to an infection in which case the problem would occur even otherwise. Try and be more gentler if you indulge in a vigrous activity as that may cause irritation

I am married for the last 16 yrs and my wife is ag

You will require to consult a sex counsellor or a psychiatrist for ascertaining the precise cause of this.

I masturbate alot a ell lot sometumes 5-6 times a

The answer in one word is \" NO \".

I am 25 years old. I used to masturbate from a ver

Sexual activity is like exercise and you will get used to it over time.Once this happens you will realise that you are now able to sustain in the sexual act for a longer time.

i am a healthy male,21 years of age.my problem is

You should get your self examined by a skin specialist to rule out a infection. Do this at the earliest.

I got married six months back. Whenever I have sex

It is normal for the penis to reduce in size during and after discharge. As the penis becomes flacid the size reduces and the penis will tend to come out of the vagina immediately (unless you hold it in the vagina despite it becoming flacid) leading to di

I have been masturbating since I was 12 years of a

Premature ejaculaton decreases with time, thus as you get habituated with discussing sex realted topics the problem will slowly reduce. The medications you are taking a perfect but have to be taken few hours before anticipated sexual activity. Also it may

\"Bend penis\" Is there any method to straighten i

No penis is absolutely straight. What is important is whether or not you get an erection, If yes you are unlikely to face any difficulty at the time of intercourse following marraige.

I have been married six months and we are yet to e

You are most likely to benifit by the advise given by your gyenaecologist. The other experts who will be of help are sex counsellors and psychiatrist. One way in which you could get to help your self out is to read the book \"celestial bed\" by Irwing Wal

I donot enjoy intercourse when my husband is using

It seems that you do not like to condoms and yet want to assure some way of contraception. You will hence require to have sex without a condom during the safe period and with a condom during the danger periods (time of ovulation). There are several method

I am married since last one year, We thought of no

As long as you are able to dischrage the semen within the vagina you have nothing to worry about as. The sperms will then follow their own route to bring about conception.

Dear Sir, My Question to you is that my penis is

Many thanks for the question. First of all be assured that you are perfectly normal. It is normal to have a short flacid penis of your length as scientifically it has been proven that short flacid penis make in length at the time of erection, which is tru

I inserted my penis into a girl's vagina maybe jus

Thanks for the query. Although you did not ejaculate within the vagina there is every possibility that the initial prostatic fluid that ozzes out (considered by many as a physiological lubricant) can have sperms in it. However whether a girl becomes pregn

Sir,me and my girl friend want to do oral sex. Is

It is perfectly safe to do oral sex so long as you do it with a trusted partner. However as HIV & other STD's are transmitted via body fluids this does not remain a sfe practice when done with a person from high risk group (commercial sex workers)

Is it safe to drink the semen that is ejaculated

Many thanks for your query. Oral sex has been practiced by many for centuries. It is natural for small amounts to be ingested while doing so. As of now there are no documented hazards of this practice. However one should not indulge in this practice with

I have been married for more than 3 years now. I w

Many thanks for visiting our site. It is natural to have a reduced level of erection after few years of marraige, this is due to lack of novelty which is mans natural need. You will need to discuss this with your spouse and get to know each others needs a

I am facing a problem i.e after ejaculation, when

Your question is not clear. The practice of withdrawing the penis out at the time of orgasm is called coitus interuptus and is documented as one of the methods to avoid pregnancy. If that it your aim I am afraid that is not the safest of techniques to use

Dear Sir, I have got married before 10 months.

Thanks for your query. You are suffering from premature ejaculation. premature ejaculation is very common amongst the newly wed men and can be treated easily. You will require to use certain behavioural methods like the stop-start technique or the squeez

I am a male of 28 and about to get married shortly

Many thanks for your query. masturbation is a normal practice and has no ill effects on ones body or psyche. Masturbation is like any other exercise, for example if one were to begin pushups today, on day one that person may get tired on the 10th count b

Dear Doctor, I realize the gravity of AIDS and he

STD and HIV tests are done in most hospitals both private & Public. The common sexually transmitted bateria / viruses are are - Syphylis, gonorrhea,Toxoplasma,HIV, Hepatitis B, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes simplex virus. All of these when untreated are fata

Hello, when i was 15 I heard from someone how to r

Your practice of masturbation is a normal practice done by over 90% of the males all over the world. There is no harm what so ever to ones physical or mental health and you may safely continue to derive your pleasure.

sir I am a 18 year old male, i have been having s

Thanks for the query. From your description it seems that you were practicing the method of coitu interuptus i.e. indulging in an intercourse and ejaculating outside at the time of orgasm. This unfortunately is not a safe method to avoid pregnancy as even

Almost an year ago I engaged in unprotected sex wi

Thanks for visiting our site. It is nice to know that your have realised the mistake and not repeated the act of visiting a commercial sex worker. Your fear is justified and can be removed only by a negative test result. You may visit any private or publi

After our first child was born, 5years back[normal

Many thanks for the query. The vaginal passage is likely to have enlarged following the dilivery of your baby. This may not be allowing you to get the required stimulation. It is however important to rule out if there is a treatable cause responsible for

Hi. I am getting married on next month and I want

Dear S, There are several methods for avoiding pregnancy. One technique is that you can calculate the safe period for sex. If the mensrual cycle is a regular 28 day cycle the unsafe period is from the 8th to 24th day (with the first day of the menstruat

We are married for last four months and have a reg

There are several reasons why a woman may not get an orgasm: 1)Generally women take longer to get an orgasm in the first place. It might help if you could delay your orgasm by a few minutes. 2)Also different women experience orgasmic pleasure differentl

Dear Goodhealth n you, I'm 25 years old bachelour

Thanks for the query. Masturbation is a normal practice and is a physical activity in itself. It is thus natural to feel exhausted and fatigued follwing masturbation. The semen is produced 24 hours a day and requires to be released occasionally. This is p

what are the various sexual position, which give m

Thank you for responding to us. Unfortunately there are no specific positions that can be called as the best. This depends from couple to couple. You will require to get a book which details out the positions which you may want to try out with your partne

hello.my problem is regarding my penis's size. wh

Hello. Many thanks for your query. Your penile size does not seem to be problem. The problem lies in that you are a victim of misconceptions.The penile size has nothing to do with sexual gratification in either of the partners. The vagina has the ability

Doctor, I got married very recently, I have a good

You are suffering from premature ejaculation which is common amongst many a men. This can be easily treated with certain behavioral modifications like the stop-start & the squeeze techniques. Both of these are featured on our site. If either of the method

Doctor My problem is that my penis is small & thi

Many thanks for the query. You are normal as far as the length of your penis is concerned. As for the breast that seem large it is likely to be due to fat deposition in which case regular exercise will help. On the other hand ot can be a rare hormonal pro

I want to know how can I make my wife pregnant and

Your keeness to have a child is understandable. If your wife has a regular 28 day menstrual cycle then she would be ovulating around the 14th day of the menses. Sex during this period is most likely to lead to a conception. If however your spouse is havin


Thanks for visiting our site. There are no pre-set limits on the number of times a couple can/can not have sex. Its completely your choice. Most couples in your age group of twenties have sex once a day which then reduces with age.

Hello Doctor, I am married for the last 3 years, b

Many thanks for the query. from what you describe it seems that there is a mis-match in the level of interest between you & your spouse. There could be several reasons for this which you may want to explore by communicating openly. Many times one of the p

I have a curved penis which is curved towards the

Thanks for the query. No body has an absolutely stright penis (either in flacid or erect state). Be assured that you will have no difficulty what so ever at the time of intercourse.

I have been married for the last eight years. Till

There are no scientifically proven yogic techniques for the problem you describe. Since the test tube baby does not inspire you, it might be worth while considering artificial insemination. Please discuss this with your doctors.

I am married.During lovemaking we normally indulge

Thanks for visiting our site. Whether to have anal sex or not is a choice that will have to be mutually decided by the given couple. As this form is not always very comfortable after experimentation you may want to give it up all together. Kissing spreads

I'm an 18 year old male.I started masturbating abo

Thanks for the query. It is anatomically normal to have the left testes slightly above the right. Also nobodys penis is straight like a steel rod. Be assured that you will heve no problems in your married life.

Dear Doc Me and my girlfriend of one year have ex

Your practice of masturbation has nothing to do with your not reaching orgasm during sexual activity. Many a times in unmarried young couples there are several inhibitions and fears (of pregnancy, guilt, etc)that do not allow them to perform without anxie

My marriage happened 13 months back but for the la

Your problem is certainly due to your ongoing mental state, one can not be excited and tensed at the same time. Please resolve your mental conflicts, discuss them with your spouse, explain her what you are going through as ventilating will make you feel b

I get sudden pain in my left testicle.I masturbate

Many thanks for the query. You have not mentioned whether you get pain following mastubation or other wise as well. If it happens only after masturbation and is short lasting it is not likely to a serious problem, however masturbating more gently may help

Dear doctor, I have this frequent query in my min

You are suerly a victim of sexual misconceptions. you hve normal lengths and should not think about it any more, more so because women can sense sensations maximally from the outer third of the vagina. finally there is no way in which one can increase the

hello Doctor, I am getting married to my girlfrie

Many thanks for the question. We suggest that you visit our site and check out a detailed article on birth control in the features section (you may use our search engine to locate the same).

I'm a married man of 26 from delhi.I'm married for

Artificial inseminisation os offered by several infertility clinics of both private & public hospitals. You will want to get further information & guidance from your family doctor about the cost, location, expertise, success rates and infrastructure of a

I am a 25 year old man who has been masturbating f

There will be no problem what so ever for you at the time of intercourse. The penis is in any case within the vagina at the time of intercourse and the clitoris gets stimulated by the pelvic thrusting at the time of intercourse rather than the penis.

I am a 24 year old healthy male. I have been enjoy

What seems to be a problem in your case may not be a problem amongst the others, this is because whether to have the foreskin right back or not is an individual choice. Again whether women like to see the glans or not depends on a given woman. If you have

What are the symtoms of AIDS?

Thanks for the query. AIDS is the terminal stage following an HIV infection. In the begining following the entry of the virus within the body the person is asymptomatic for several months. Then when the immune system reacts to the virus (called stage of s

Since I was 14 or 15, I masturbate. Now I am of 22

Thanks for visiting our site. Masturbation in no way affects ones physical, mental or sexual health. For those who masturbate regularly for years the erectile response seems to go down because of the monotonous nature of the activity. This in no way means

Having the problem of premature ejaculation,I am u

Premature ejaculation is treatable but one has to practice the stop start method or the squeeze technique to perfection. For more details please read the book Celestial bed by Irwing Walace. The other way out is to get a psychiatrist to prescribe you medi

I want to know whether mastubration is harmful for

Masturbation in no way leads to any ill effects to ones physical health, emotional or sexual health. Doing masturbation on the bed is a choice that many use and should not be a cause for worry.

I'm married. When I ejaculate after intercourse th

There is nothing wrong with you physiologically. You are correct in that we are programmed by what we have heard & read in the past, as a result of which we have set expectations / mind set. When our real life experience does not match our programmed expe

What are the psychotropic pills available to get o

The pills that are commonly used are the ones that enhance the serotonin reuptake mechanisma with in the brain. These pills are likely to have complex actions both central and peripheral giving rise to a delay in ejaculation. You may contact a psychiatris

Dear Dr. I have been masturbating since the last

To begin with you ought not to worry about ill effects of masturbation on your physical, mental or sexual (married life), as their are no proven ill effects. Secondly your problem of passing urine and being unaware of the same requires to be examined by a


Many thanks for the complements. You are suffering from fetishism - a sexual perversion where sexual arousal & gratification is brought about by use of other persons clothes, etc. You will require to consult a sex counsellor or a psychiatrist as you will

I am a male of 20 yrs age.I have a unique problem.

Since you are otherwise physically healthy you have no reason to worry about a large areolar size. These are normal anatomical variants and should not be treated as abnormal. One has to accept ones natural form, only this will provide you relief. Masturba

DEAR DOC. I am 22yrs of age masturbating

Many thanks for the question. masturbation is a normal practice so long as it does not become an compulsive activity. Your method is in no way going to harmful to you. Each individual has unique needs and has a choice to choose his/her frequency of mastur

I have pimple type boils on my testis which someti

These boils that you describe are called maculo-papular lesions in medical terms. Such leisions could be caused by either an infection, allergy, contact dermatitis, etc. To be sure of the diagnosis and thus get the right treatment you will require to get

During the intercourse, I encounter a ticklish fee

Getting such sensations are to be considered if they are present only during the intercourse and do not persist later. If latter is the case either you or your partner could have an infection that may require to be treated in which case getting a docotrs

I'm married for past 2 years but cud not perform p

Your wife seems to be suffering from dsypareunia. The cause could be either psychological or due to organic abnormalities of structures in and around vagina. This will require a detailed examination from a gyenaecologist. For artificial inseminisation you

My penis is bend in an erect state. What's the ran

Firstly no penis erect or flacid is absolutely straight. Secondly in an erect state the penis does harden, though it never assumes the properties akin to a steel rod. There is fair bit of flexibility that allows a bend penis to enter the vagina without di

I have been visiting massage parlours in Delhi for

Human beings are distinctly human in that they have been bestowed upon the the gift to choose the actions of their choice irrespective of the situational demands. You too can will to choose to avoid acting on external temptations when you make a firm choi

Dear Doctor, I am a 27 years old unmarried man. I

Whether you are able to have sex or not will depend upon co-operation from your partner. The vagina is most sensetive in its outer third and hence a lengthy penis is not required. Scientifically it has been proved that intercourse is possible even with fl

I used to masturbate 3-4 times in a week.Is mastur

Masturbation is not harmful in any way to ones physical, psychological or mental health. You may continue to derive pleasure from this completely normal; practice as long as you desire to.

I have been married but dont have a child.During a

Surgery is unlikely to increase your counts in any way. The best way out is to consult a infertility expert and ask for an artficial inseminisation. Here good quality, viable sperms will be isolated from your semen and transeferred by the doctor into your

Premature ejaculation - tried many times the stop

In your case the stop-start technique does not seemed to have worked out. This could be due to wrong use of the technique. However if that is not the case then you may want to try the squeeze method or alternatively get a prescription from a psychiatrist

what is the period in a girl's menstruation cycle

The average length of a normal regular menstrual cycle is 28 days. But commonly women have irregular cycles that could last longer or shorter. In a normal 28 day cycle the ovulation is on the 14 th day following the menses, but in daily life this can be a

I've been married for 5 years. During sex I ejacul

The squeeze method is used just before an anticipated orgasm (ejaculation). Here one (ideally the partner)requires to squeeze the portion above the glans so as to stop the ejaculation. Once this is done successfully, the couple may take rest for some time

Dear Doctor, I wish to know which period is absol

The absolute safe periods for having sex require complex calculations based on the partners length of the menses. You will require to meet a expert for the same (or visit our site again as shortly we are adding a detailed feature on this topic). Foreplay

I am 28 years of old and is planning to get marrie

Your description does not give rise to any suspicion of you having a clinical problem that requires treatment (unless you get no erection at all, which you have not said is thae case). In the position that you describe it is not likely that ones penis wil

I have been talking to this girl who stays in mang

Thanks for visiting our site. It is possible for your friend to sense some pain early during sexual acts. The pain could be due to you having touched a sensetive area. If the problem persists you may want to rule out an infection which is causing a low g

I have my foreskin intact.If i pull it back and to

Under normal circumstances touching the glans should not be discomforting. Unfortunately it is difficult to comprehend which area is giving rise to pain in your case. It might be worth it to get a surgeon to get your penis examined, as if there is any inf

I used to mastubrate once a day. I only want to kn

Masturbation will in no way affect your physical, mental or sexual helth. As for kissing it is a safe prectice when done with trusted individuals. To induldge in kissing with a person from high risk category (commercial sex workers)is putting your self at

I am mastrubating since the age of 15. But from re

Masturbation is practiced by over 90% of men all over the world. Scientifically there are no proven ill effects on ones physical, mental or sexual health. Masturbation is a physical activity in it self and like an exercise following which it is normal to

I am not able to get a firm erection most of the t

The answer to your problem depends on several factors - is this so when you try to masturbate or is it so while having intercourse with your partner, etc. For getting a good erection one ought to be patient and indulge in prolonged fore play. Also it is i

I started masturbating only after 19yrs of age. I

Masturbation is a normal practice until such time that one becomes its slave. You will want to assign time for thinking and acting out on your sexual fantasies e.g. half an hour in the morning and night. This will allow you to concentrate on your other ro

I recently tried 2 hav sex with my girl friend but

It is natural for you to nat have performed well as one can not have to opposite emotions work at the same time, i.e. you can not be excited and anxious at the same time. In your case the latter was dominant. Please find out the source of anxiety (which c

Is there any relation between masturbating and pim

There is no connection what so ever between pimples and masturbation. Kindly take advice from a skin specialist to treat pimples.

Dear Dr. I a married person about 12 years and ha

You have a problem called premature ejaculation which can be treated by adopting certain behvioural modificatins like the stop-start technique or the squeeze method (both are featured on our site). Also you may want to meet a psychiatrist to get a prescri

Dear Doctor,I masturbate twice everyday, at times

Masturbation is a normal practice. There is no way in which you will suffer from any ill effects in either physical, mental,sexual or married life due to the same.

I am married with two kids.Igo for body massage on

Thanks for the query. The fact that an unclean towel used by others is being used definitly puts you at risk of acquiring HIV. With regards you wanting to stop the activity it is a matter of mental will and discipline which you will want to exercise. You

Dear sir, I am unmarried and have been masturbati

To begin with you probably failed to have an erection at the time of intercourse because you might have been very anxious. This in no way means you are impotent or infertile. the stop start technique is scientifically correct but the same can not be said

I recently had sex with a prostitute. I used condo

You will do well to avoid repeating the activities you describe. HIV is transmitted via all body fluids including saliva. This does could put you in risk for HIV. This does not mean you will have alredy got HIV but it might be worthwhile to under go tests

Women's undergarments turn me on. I have stolen at

You are suffering from a perversion called \"fetishism\". You will require to take professional help of a psychiatrist or a sex counsellor to learn cognitive behavioral approaches to overcome the same.

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