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If you have any question about any ailment, post us a question and we will try our best to answer it. This, however, is not a substitute for a direct consultation with your doctor but is the next best thing. When posting a question, do tell us whether you are male or female, your age, your weight, as this will help our web doctors give a reply suitable to your needs.

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Query posted on rejoint.com - Kindly let me know the brand names of Glucosamine and Chondroitin. What should be the dosage for mild Osteo arthritis ?

Glucosamine Sulphate is marketed as Cartigen.Can be given in a dose of 500mg thrice a day for upto 3 months but please consult the doctor before use.There are combinations of the 2 available as Cartifix and Cartilamine Forte.

how to avoid recurring diarrhea

Diarrhea is most commonly caused by infections transmitted via food and water. Hence the first thing to do is eat clean hygienic and well cooked food and drink filtered boiled water. Eating outside is to be avoided. In acute state you may require to use a

my father has diabetes and my grandfather had also diabetes it means it is heridatery dieseas. what are chances of getting diabetes to me. what measures i have to take that in future not to affected with diabetes please advise me.

Diabetes runs in families and in your case to protect yourself you must learn to manage stress, do yoga, half hour of aerobics daily, meditate and also show dietary restrain and avoid consumption of simple sugars and fats. For more details regarding nutri

am a homosexual and of 16 years of age can i have sex with a gay now.will it harm me or can i do it safely

What age to have sex is a personal choice however Indian laws still consider you a minor and that can bring trouble to your partner. Gay people have sex either as active partners or passive partners. If you are a active partner you will insert the penis w

i want to know the details of transphenoidal resection of pituitary adenoma

Transphenoidal resection of the pitutary adenoma is a major surgery and may be done for several reasons the commonest being a pitutary tumor. The surgery is done under general anesthesia and takes long. Intra and post operative complications are possible.

possible diagnoses for the symptoms of low platelets (<45,000), joint and bone pain, low grade fevers and fatigue.

Low platelet count may be idiopathic (cause not known) or drug induced. At times it is due to disorders of immune system and blood cancer. The exact cause can be found only after adequate investigations for which you should consult a hematologist.

working in dubai for the past 6yrs for one of the reputed beach resort. the timings is very odd i work for about 11hrs every day and also under lots of stress. the food that we have is also not up to the mark. but since the earnings is good i am still in

Your intention of wanting to manage stress are good but methods completely wrong. Alcohol and smoking will cause severe damage to various organs. Your bodily symptoms are signals from your body to you. The signals suggest the danger ahead and telling you

i ve developed silght fatty growth on upper eyelid of both eyes. Dr said it is just a growth and not to worry im not convinced and it looks ugly although it is small im taking black olives in the morning on empty stomach.

Fatty growths near the eyelids could be due to high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Get your blood lipid levels done from a lab and if the reports are high then start working on reducing the fat intake. This is a signal from your body (though ugly lo

Is it possible to know a human mind and character by some questions(psychological)? if yes, can I have a few examples with their meaning?

There are several standardised personality tests (MMPI, EPI). Giving examples will not help clarify as each test consists of few hundred questions, the answers of which have to analysed by complex statistical methods to derive at the type of personality.

I was having severe pain in my elbow and when i went to the doctor they told me that my ESR is high and they gave me an injection. When I was 15 i had the same problem and knee pain. I was given Panador injection for 5 years. Could uou please give me some

It is likely that you could have had rheumatic arthritis. This is a common condition that requires long term treatment with monthly penicillin injections. After the course of up to 5 years no treatment is required unless your nervous system or heart was a

i was married in 1996. i got pregnant during june 1997. but i lost my baby due to missed abortion after 78 days. Afterwards no pregancy. Findings of Diagnostic laparoscopy during april 2000. Uterus anteverted, normal size.... (query noted)

Going by the treatment and the outcome of pregnancy, be assured that your doctors are good at their work. Keeping the past in mind you must keep a close follow up with your doctors. Being anxious and stressed out will affect your health and hence the baby

I recently suffered from mumps 2 weeks back & then recovered but discovered that my semen was chocolate coloured & then changed to reddish in a day or two & is persisting like that. It is also not that thick as it used to be. I have no problems while urin

There is no such rule that says that one must not masturbate when having mumps. More importantly mumps are known to cause testicular damage and given the complaints you have it is advisable that you seek opinion from a urologist at the earliest.

1)How effective are vaginal pessaries as contraceptives in alongterm heterosexual relationship. what are the disadvantages? 2)Is the pill a better contraceptive in alongterm heterosexual relationship.what are the disadvantages? Pl reply to my email

The failure rate of the vaginal contraceptive pills is twice as much of the oral contraceptives. The former are easy to use, can be used when required but can lead to reduced pleasure during intercourse. The latter though most effective when used without

Stone in kidney

Kidney stones are of several types - oxalate, urate, calcium, etc. The stones when small may pass on their own or following hydrotherapy. At times lithotripsy a non invasive procedure is required to crush the stones. But some stones may require surgical r

I would like to know more about circumcision from the point of hygiene. at what age can it be performed, how long is the operation, what is the post operative care to be taken, how long does it take to heel up, where all can it be done, how safe is the op

Circumcision is a minor operative procedure. The operation may be done for religious or medical reasons and age is no barrier. The operation lasts less than half hour and post-operative care of taking medications, avoiding infections through good hygiene

My friend has been going through work stress, he has been adviced TRIKA.50mg daily for 3 weeks, Pl advice, what does this tablet actually do? Are there any side effects if it is taken for 3 weeks?

Trika is a anti-anxiety medication and is similar to calmpose. Taking the medication for a short while is fine but in the long run there is always a risk of addiction. Better medications for reducing stress are available and more importantly your friend s

Thank you so much to reply to my question. I was most worried about the disease coming to the baby. Now, I can be more confident that I too can have a healthy baby, if not normally, at least by artificial insemination. I have been under total control of l

Nothing can control a human being without the human being giving in. In case of lupus too, several studies have shown that keeping a positive attitude helps speedy recovery. The medications are right, the only precaution now you ought to take is not consi

i would like to have information regarding what are the consequences if one has a hole in his heart?

The heart has 4 chambers, 2 atriums and 2 ventricles separated from each other by a septum. The clinical symptoms vary depending on the location, size, and flow of the blood (right to left or vice versa). Lung infections, fatigue, loss of consciousness on

I am diagonised with leptospirosis, but I am not able to establish the cause for it, as I have just come back to India after a long stay abroad. Advise me about my next steps that I should take with regard to diet and other precautions. Also should i get

The source of leptospirosis infection is the urine or blood of rats, mice, cattle, dogs, goats, etc. This urine or blood contaminates water, soil or vegetables which then infects humans. You must take antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor, maintain goo

if someone is indoubt that he is infected with aids,after how many months or weeks he should go and check to clear his doubt?

AIDS experts say that one needs to do Elisa test three times to confirm for the infection. You can also go in for the specialised Western blot for confirmation. Time frames differ from people to people, therefore it is difficult to say on the same. Do re

I am a S.L.E. Patient since 4 years, and I am married. I have not conceived yet. My husband had oligoasthenospermia and is now alright. What are the chances of me having a baby? Is is too risky? Do lupus patients also give birth to a normal healthy child?

Lupus is an autoimmune condition and will not affect your child. Whether you conceive or not depends on your partners sperm count and your reproductive system functioning. If you are on steroids, you must check with your gynecologist whether or not your r

Is it possible that the hymen of the female remains intact even after having intercourse for once or twice and is it essential that a virgin girl will have her hymen intact and she will bleed hving intercourse first time.

Virginity can not be checked in a sure shot way. An examination may reveal an intact hymen which does not presuppose that the girl did not have sex as a woman can have an intercourse and yet have an intact hymen. If the hymen is partially open and lax, th

i am in the wrong act of masturbation since last about 7 years. i tried to quit it but i couldnt. will it have any effect on my married life after i will get married?

Masturbation is a normal practice done by as many as 90% of the males. Masturbation in no way affects ones physical, mental or sexual health. This practice is unlikely to affect married life in any way. It will be advisable for you to visit our site and g

What is Paranoid State of Psychological disorder? Is there a permanent solution to get cured from this?

Schizophrenia is a disorder that affects ones thoughts, perceptions, emotions and motor. Paranoid type is one of the forms of schizophrenia where the patient is suspicious about others, feels people are taking about him, plotting to kill him, etc. Halluci

how will i come to know my spouse has an aids? i am fearing about? pls. reply soon

AIDS is the last stage of HIV infection. So first you must find out if your wife has a HIV infection. You can get her blood tested for the same at any lab doing ELISA tests for HIV.

My problem is that my 24 yr old brother is addicted to cough syrups. He refuses to discuss his problem. And threatens to leave the house if forced to go to a doctor. Please help.

Addictions to cough syrups are becoming an increasing problem. If he refuses to consult a doctor, try and get a doctor (psychiatrist) to visit him at home. Once the doctor explains the dangers of the habit, he may feel motivated to leave the habit. Also d

suffering from constipation and piles.tell me the medicine

Piles are often worsened by constipation. You will require to treat piles depending on their severity. If they are too discomforting surgery is the best solution. As for constipation, eat more of high fiber diet consisting of green vegetables and fruits.

is laser surgery effective on lesions in the mouth and ist it being done in bombay?

Laser surgery is effective but only in certain indications. Tonsils and warts may be removed but other lesions may not be easily removed. Please consult a ENT surgeon for the same.

whenever i have common cold i have a constant irritation or slight pain in both the ears. why does this happen

The ears and the nose are connected to each other through a tube called the eustachian tube. When this tube gets blocked, earache is likely to occur. This should not be cause for worry as with cure of cold the earache will disappear automatically.

i have many white patches on my face.i was advised by a doctor to apply an ointment called beclate. but it has not improved. can you please suggest some remedies.

The white patches could be due to fungal infection and application of beclate may not be very useful. This is a common problem and application of anti-fungal ointments will help. Please consult a dermatologist.

I had my first child 2 years ago and he was on my milk along with the normal diet. Since the past 15 days I'v stopped giving him my milk. But the milk still comes out of my breasts. (query noted)

The milk will continue to form as long as you feed the child. Once you stop to do so theformation will decrease and stop in a few weeks. If you have pain, squeezing the milk out is the right solution. This is not harmful at all, and meeting a doctor is ge

What is the difference between Heart Attack & Cardiac Arrest?

Heart attack is caused by reduced blood flow to the heart which is commonly due to blocking by atherosclerosis of the heart blood vessels. Cardiac arrest is a condition that may be caused by several illnesses, including non-cardiac problems. Thus a heart

I am sufferring from Hair Loss - Alopecia Areata since one month. Please advice what should be my next coarse of action.

The treatment of Alopecia Areata basically involves use of topical, systemic and intra-lesional steroids and use of counter irritants. Since these drugs require valid prescription and have to be taken in the right doses you will require to consult a derma

An alcoholic for 20 years, complaining of tingling in the fingers, what could be the reason and what is the remedy?

Alcohol when consumed for prolonged periods affects every part of the body. The tingling is a sign of peripheral nerve damage. The remedy is to stop drinking alcohol. Take help from a psychiatrist.

I just read your featured article on Diabetes, my girlfriend who is 21 yrs of age suffers from Diabetes of type 1 (IDDM) as mentioned on your site. I wanted to know what could be the problems faced in after I marry her especially childrens can we have kid

There will be no specific problems as far as your marriage is concerned. However you will have to support your partner in the management of diabetes as the stress of the same will be high. Your sex life can be normal. But your children may suffer from dia

I am a mother of 5 years male child. We were trying for the second child. After one and half years also I did not conceive. Doctors, said one of my tubes is blocked and 99% chances are very rear. I was on Clomid for 6 months. After that I heard that there

To begin with at the age of 35 the chances of having a abnormal child increase. If your tubes are blocked artificial inseminisation will not help, you will require something similar to a test tube baby. Homeopathy is a choice you may make but how and when

My son is 3. He is having continuous discharge from his ears. His doctor says that his ear drum has been punctured and would need repair. I would like to know what are the investigations to be done and how to go about it so that the diagnosis can be deter

The investigations in this case will not be diagnostic but will only be supportive in nature, for example a CBC may show increased neutrophils which will mean a acute infection, but that will not confirm anything. The final diagnosis in this case is depen

Tell me the best remedy for dandruff?

Dandruff requires to be treated with anti-dandruff shampoos, the frequency of application of which depends upon the severity of the problem and can be even daily. If the problem persist please consult a dermatologist for a prescription of medicated shampo

What drug would you suggest is the best for depression. At the moment on Setraline.

Depression is caused by deficiency of brain chemicals - serotonin or norepinephrine or both. All drugs are good but act on different brain chemicals. We have no test to tell which chemical is imbalanced, hence if fault lies in norepinephrine; sertraline,

My doctor informs me that my sperm-count is very low and I cannot have any further children. Please inform what medicine I should take. I have a son aged 14 years and want to have a second child.

There is no medication that will increase your sperm count. Occasionally if the hormones are deficient they may be given, but how much effect they will produce on sperm count is difficult to predict. You may consider artificial inseminisation, where the d

Rhumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a long standing illness and will require regular treatment in the form of medications (analgesics / immuno-modulators), exercise, and stress management (yoga, meditation, etc) as stress exacerbates RA. Please contact your doct

What is non-cirrhotic Portal Hypertension? How it can be cured?

Increased pressure in portal circulation is generally due to cirrhosis of liver. At times though it could be due to thrombo-emobolic phenomenon affecting the circulation. Here the spleen is enlarged, GI bleeds are common, but liver is normal. Shunt surger

Angina. Aggrevates in extreme cold/after food. Am on medication 3years. Alternate except interventive procedure or surgery?

This is an indication of severe disease. Angioplasty and bypass surgery must be considered. Both are extremely safe and very effective. If you have to avoid surgery, please follow the book \"reversing your heart disease\" by Dr Dean Ornish. But surgery re

I am prone to Black-outs and I do not know what I am doing or talking.My eyes get blank and I have drained out reaction on my face.I start irrelevant talk when it happens. I am on medication with Tangritol etc.One of the physician says it can be scar o

You must meet a neurologist at the earliest. This is likely to be a epileptic phenomemnon and investigations will help confirm it. If the diagnosis is epilepsy, effective treatment is available.

Is it possible to treat hydrocles by surgery or otherwise by local aneastheisa or by any other simpler method?

Hydrocele has to be treated by surgery only. There is no other effective treatment available. Surgery is simple and patients are discharged the same day.

severe ache in the lower back near the waist

Low backache is most commonly due to bad posture while at work/studying, wrong sleeping postures or improper sleeping mattresses as well as lack of exercise to the back muscles. It could also be due to degenerative changes (spondylosis)or disc prolapse. R

having this problem recently, my nerves shiver and suddenly the pulse becomes so high that the skin in that area moves or my evelid moves automatically and sometimes my finger also moves. i am also getting cramps often what might be the problem i am a lit

What you are describing is a panic attack, a form of anxiety disorder. You will be fine with medications and concomitant relaxation therapy in the form of muscle relaxation or meditation. Kindly consult a psychiatrist for further help. ASJ

Have been diagnosed with Indirect Inguinal hernia and recommended for surgery. Any side effects after surgery on any other organs. What are the do's and dont's after the surgery?

Surgery is a must as a untreated hernia can be potentially fatal. Following surgery care should be taken to avoid lifting of heavy weights and to follow up on doctors advise regularly. ASJ

In winter I easily develop body pain while exercising. How to get rid of that

In winter you must spend more time doing wrm up than you would otherwise. This should help you overcome the pain that you experience. ASJ

in my past i have some personal relationships and now i am getting married, so pls suggest me which blood test should i go for to know whether i am suffring from hiv(aids)

The tests you will want to do are VDRL, HIV I and HIV II and HBsAg (hepatitis B). ASJ

My son aged 6 has low G6PD level of 1.20 U/gHb (4.60-13.50) He looks pale and last year in September he got fever and jaundice and was hospitalised. He was given Lariago. Does malaria medicine have adverse effect on G6PD? Is there no cure for this deficie

There is no definitive tratement for G6PD deficiency. Prevention is better than cure and analgesics, anti-malarials, sulphonamide drugs should be compeltely avided. As for the low hemoglobin please ask your doctor to rule out other causes as well (worm in

i am 22, unmarried. problem of irregular menses(once in 3-4 months with heavy bleeding).2 months ago i was diaganosed to have PCOD(Polycystic Ovarian disease). Now as part of the treatment i took Duphaston (a drug taken to regularize my periods) for ten d

Polycystic ovaries can be difficult to treat and many different modes of treatment are recommended depending upon the intensity, involvement of one or both ovaries, age, etc. It is possible that this condition may interfere with your ability to conceive,

I get headache quite often.I get immediate relief if I take tablet of Paracetamol 500 mgs s.a. Vicks Action 500, Colderine , crocin etc.Please tell me if I take 3-4 tablets in week,each on different day wherever I get headache,is advisable.Any alternate a

It is safe to take 2-3 tablets of crocin per week, but it is advisable to try and avoid medications completely. Try and keep your AC down or sit away from it, get out of the room once every 2 hours and avoid cold food and drinks. ASJ

I wish to know about the side effect of sleeping pills taken with liquor. If I take some sleeping pill with liqour, is there any harm. I take around 400 Ml of rum everday and i am told that i become violent after taking liquor. So i want to take some slee

Sleeping pills and alcohol together are potentially fatal and hence never to be combined. Your getting violent is not the problem but the alcohol that causes you to become violent is the real problem. Get help from a psychiatrist to break the habit. ASJ

My husband likes masturbating me with his fingers. is it harmful for me/can this action lead to any harmness in my future pregnancy.

This is absolutely safe and a matter of personal choice. It will have no effect on future pregnancy. ASJ

i m suffering from a very common problem, i.e dandruff for last 3 years. due to this i had to shave of my hair twice (last year & this year too) , but dandruff returns very soon. i had also gone to specialist, he prescribed me endruff shampoo,& some tab

Hair loss in young adulthood is normal as it is due to action of the male hormones. The quantity varies from person to person. Since this is a natural you ought to accept and stop worrying about it. At times however hair loss could be due to scalp infect

I am lossing my hairs since last three years, and my scalp gets dandruff very easily since then. My parents do not have baldness tendency. Kindly advise

Hair loss in young adulthood is normal as it is due to action of the male hormones. The quantity varies from person to person. Since this is a natural you ought to accept and stop worrying about it. At times however hair loss could be due to scalp infect

I have been experiencing partial form of impotence for many years now, in a sense that I''m unable to sustain my erection during the course of sex. The penis is also not very hard when i get my erection. What could be the cause and advise cure.

Impotence could be due several factors. Biological causes such as hypertension, diabetes, problems with the blood supply and hormonal dysfunction must be checked for. Please consult a urologist for the same. ASJ

What are Monosaturated fats? How are they connected with cholesterol? Between Kardi Oil (Saffola) and groundnut oil, which is a better oil for consumption, taking into consideration monosaturated fats?

Fats are of two types - Mono-saturated fats & Polyunsaturated fats. Mono-saturated fats are bad for health as they increase the cholesterol levels while Polyunsaturated (PUFA) fats are good as they help decrease cholesterol. Kardi oil is better than groun

Sir I am very thin, my weight is only 48kgs. Please give me some tips to increase my weight.

The reasons for being under weight could be many. For some it is completely natural & constitutional in nature while other could be having some problems with digestion, absorption of food, metabolic or hormonal dysfunction, lack of exercise, etc. Proper i

i am 16 i want to enquire whether masturbating is harmful at this age . i masturbate nearly thrice a week and i go to the gym on a weight gain programme so if i masturbate will i lose weight. plz ans. to my queries

Masturbation is harmless at any age & quite normal. It is a practice that is followed by almost 90% of all males. Studies have also shown that masturbation is the best way to relieve sexual tension and hence has no ill effects on the body what so ever. Ma

I am 24 year old , never had sex with a female. My dick is only 5.5\" inch long, it is ok for good sex life or is there any techniqe by which I can increas the length of my dick. Please advice.

It is a commn misconception that the length of the penis is important during the act of love making. In fact, a woman can feel sensations only on the outer third of the vagina, thus making it unnecessary to have a long penis. The size of your penis is per

My penis size when erect is only 5 inches and I masturbate almost daily. I would like to know if I can increase the size to more than 6 inches

The size of your penis is normal and you need not worry too much about it. Studies have shown that a woman can feel sensations only in the outer - third part of her vagina, and beyond that she would feel no sensations at all. Hence a larger penis does not

I keep getting recurring boils on my chest and back. What can I do about them?

The boils you describe could be due to acne or furuncles (infected hair follicles). The boils over the back and the neck could be reduced by regular use of medicated powders, use of a clean underclothing, having a bath twice a day. It is advisable to cons

How are condoms used & are there any side effects of using a condom?

Condoms are used for contraception at the time of intercourse. The condom is slipped over the erect penis before penetration. Once the orgasm is achieved the penis should be withdrawn immediately as the penis would be come flaccid leading to spillage of t

What are the reasons for short temper ? How can it be controlled ?

Short temper is basically lack of control over ones impulse to express anger. Everybody would get angry sometime or the other however many would control the impulse of expressing anger and rather find other ways to deal with the situation. When anger work

I am a 20 year male. The problem with me is that compared to other males of my age I have very less body hair growth (beard, moustache, chest hair etc)due to which I feel very embarassed. I do have a healthy diet. Can any medicines or any therapy help in

Hair distribution in a male is due to action of the male hormones. The quantity however varies from person to person. Since this is a natural occurrence you ought to accept nature and stop worrying about it. No treatment method is likely to help hence ple

My stomach pains every day and that constantly make me feel nauseous. Please help.

You are likely to be suffering from acid peptic disease which requires long term treatment, also find out from your doctor if you have been ruled out for a H pylorii infection which causes acidity and can be treated with antibiotics. Finally prevention is

I have severe pain in my hips when walking too much,around a grocery store is enough to bring this on.It feels like the bones in my hips are rubbing together.I'm a painter and being on my feet all day don't do it,just when I walk too much.

The symptom description suggests that there could be arthritic changes within your hip joints. The friction within the joints while walking leads to pain. As there is no friction while standing the latter is comfortable and does not cause pain. Meeting a

I want to know if there are any kinds of diseases which can be transferred through kissing

Kissing can transfer viruses & bacteria. Depending upon the immune status of the individuals involved it can cause disease ranging from the common cold to sore throat.If there are any open sores in the mouth,then kissing an HIV positive person can cause t

Do I wait to have carpel and cubital tunnel surgery? I have and an EMG done, it showed bi-lateral carpel and cubital. But, left is slight to borderline, right supposedly is mild to moderate. I find this hard to believe with the amount of pain, I experienc

Surgery may relieve your discomfort and the subsequent rehabilitation exercises will enable you to achieve normal function much faster.

I have a gland in my throat that is always swollen. Sometimes so swollen that it makes my teeth, temple and ear ache. I go to the doctor, I get antibiotics. But I only go when it really hurts. My husband thinks I should have it removed. It's annoying b

Tonsillectomy, surgical removal of the swollen gland, is a good idea if the problem is so acute. You will have to consult an ENT surgeon for the same. The surgeon will also try to figure out what is causing the chronic swelling of the glands. However, if

Why does my heel hurt all of the time when I am standing?

The pain within the heel could be due to a strain on the ligaments within the heel or due to inflammation of the plantar fascia. At times women can have bony pains during menopause (due to osteoporosis) and it will be prudent for you to get the cause inve

I have always had trouble sleeping; trouble falling asleep and trouble staying asleep through the night. I am now only 18 and i cannot sleep without diphenhydramine. Is this hurting my body? What can I do? I have a regular exercise routine and don't consu

It is possible that you have become dependent on diphenhydramine. Omitting the latter all of a sudden will give rise to insomnia as a part of the withdrawal symptoms. Tapering diphenhydramine will be a better alternative. This will also have to associated

Please give me any information you have on Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Ankylosing Spondylitis is a chronic progressive inflammatory disease involving the spine. The disease is seen all over the world and afflicts up to 0.5 per 1000 of the population. There could be a genetic element in the occurence of the disease. Symptoms

I have had chronic pain by my pelvic bone on both sides that only gets worse as my period is approaching.I recently had a tubal sterilization and they looked and said I did not have endometriosis.(I have 4 kids) My mother had a complete hysterectomy at 35

There is some evidence to suggest that a genetic link exists in the case of endometriosis and adenomyosis. This however does not mean that your pain is related to the same. Since your pain is more as you get closer to your menses, it could be due to water

i have a what looks like a tiny red almost flat blood blister on top of a sunspot and its just above my breast...what could it be?someone told me that it could be a mole growing over top of it...is that possible?

A mole would be present for a long time and you would have noticed it long before. If this is the case you the next important thing is to find out if its appearance has changed. If the answer is yes you ought to consult a dermatologist at the earliest. If

I have heartburn every day. It is like a burning in my throat. What could be causing this?

You are likely to be suffering from acid peptic disease / esophagitis which requires long term treatment, also find out from your doctor if you have been ruled out for a H pylorii infection which causes acidity and can be treated with antibiotics. Finally

I had a pap smear and came back ok. But the doctor said the bottom of my cervix was red what could be wrong?

Redness indicates inflammation which could be due to an infection. A pap smear is specific in which the pathologist looks for abnormal cells indicative of cancer. It might be worth while to get microscopic examination of cervical secretions done so as to

I had a breast removed because of cancer.And it has left me with lots of muscle trauma. My chest feel like it is going to cave in from pressure. My side feels like someone is driving a 2x4 through it. And my arm is numb from elbow up. But I still have se

Your difficulty and discomfort is understandable. Following a surgery for cancerous breast, there is some sense of trauma that would be felt. However not all of it is caused by damage to muscle and nerves. A major part of the pain is psychological trauma

For about 6 months now i have been having these chest pains. They occur to the left of my sternum, and kind of to the right and below my left breast. They are little sharp pains, but nothing extremely painful. Is it dangerous? What could it be?

Your symptoms are not suggestive of an underlying cardiac disease. Usually this can be because of local myalgia i.e. local inflammation of the muscles. It is not dangerous. Hot water fomentation along with pain killers are sufficient to control it. If the

I have been on kidney dialysis for 1.5 years. What are the chances of finding a kidney in the next 1.5 years? Transplant?

I'm glad to know that the dialysis is working well for you. By and large, the medical world has expected this as the best treatment modality in any given circumstance. Of course, the best would be kidney transplantation, but that would depend totally on t

i have backache since 4 mths can i get some physio therapy opinion to help reduce my pain or what exercises i must do?

In your query, you have not specified whether you are referring to lower back pain or back pain in general. Also, backpain has many causes, from simple strain to severe disc prolapse. It is advisable to first get yourself checked by an orthopedician who w

Pl. tell me dietery restrictions for a case of hypertriglyceridemia.

This is a rather vast topic and cannot be covered in detail here. We request you to read the book \"reversing heart disease\" by Dr Dean Ornish which has chapters on exercise and nutrition. Following the principles in this book will reduce the lipid level

my mother is 48 yrs old and hyterectomy was done 12 yrs back. now she is facing the problem i.e generalised body pain,and other things. she is not toleratin the hrt. now please prescribe me what to do

It is difficult to comment precisely on your query as body pain and other things does not give us an adequate idea of the nature of problem. Since you have mentioned HRT we presume that she has some post menopausal symptoms. If HRT is not well tolerated a

My weight is 84 Kgs. and height is 5' 8\". I got myself tested and found my ECG OK. FOLLOWING IS MY BLOOD TEST REPORT> Glucose(R) 101 Cholestrole 189 Triglycerides 391 HDL cholestrol 49 LDL cholestrol 62 VLDL cholestrol 78 Total lipids 819 -------

Its difficult to comment on your query in detail because each lab uses different methods in assessment thus the values have to compared with the normal limits mentioned in the given lab report. As for the triglyceride levels being high it is most likely t

Whether sexual intercourse is possible during pregnancy. If yes what are the safe months.

Unless there are medical problems, such as a history of miscarriage, misplaced placenta or episodes of bleeding, sex can be enjoyed throughout the pregnancy. The positions where the man's weight is off the abdomen are best.

I am continuosly constipated, PLease give me some easy remedies. for relief

Constipation is usually due to a low intake of fibre & fluids in the diet.You could increase your intake of green leafy vegetables,salads in the diet and drink plenty of water(8 glasses/day) daily & then check whether you still have constipation.

After periods which day is safe for sex not to get pregnant

You need to find out your fertile period during which you ovulate and are most likely to become pregnant. This usually occurs between 12 to 16 days before the onset of menstruation. Since the length of menstrual cycle varies from woman to woman, calculati

I was on tenormin 50mg for last 2yrs. Recently I have stopped chewing tobacco for last 4 mths as a result my BP has come down to normal. In fact it was giving a reading of 105\\80 continuosly. My doctor has gradually dropped the

Hypertension or high Blood pressure is a chronic illness brought about by lifestyle factors, which can be controlled not cured. In your case smoking seems to be the primary cause of Hypertension. When the hypertension margins are small, the control of th

I have sent this query earlier but did not receive any response from you. Is it possible & normal that any drops put in the eyes can find its way in the troath & give an irritating feeling in the troath.

Your eyes are connected to the nose through the lacrimal duct that open in the nasal side of your lower eyelid. The nose then is connected to the throat via the pharynx. Hence drops put in your eyes can make their way to the throat and can give rise to

Congenital (since birth): Valvular heart disease, holes in the walls of the chambers, etc. whart are these ?

The heart is made of four chambers. Valves control the flow of blood trough these chambers. If the valves are damaged, then flow through the heart chambers is adversely affected. This is essentially the problem underlying valvular heart disease or hole in

Iam married,i kid, 4months,One year back I took internet connection,Iam having problem of getting addicted to watch pornography and chat wild.In between i get aroused and in the process masturbate. Once it is over i feel deeply depressed and dejected.Iam

This is not a medical problem. You are experiencing conflict between what you consider forbidden pleasures and what you believe to be acceptable pleasures. We suggest you talk to a friend and if that does not help to a professional counsellor to overcome

What is a Heart Murmur ? My Brothers Daughter has it . she is an infant of 2 months. Doctors say it is 3 mm in size and will be healede naturally. Is it true ? Also how is it caused ?

Heart murmur is a sound that is heard through the stethoscope. It indicates that the flow of blood through the heart is not normal. Since you have not given us details, we cannot comment on the anatomical problem that has led to its production. We infer f

I am into my second month of pregnancy. I would like to know whether an ultrasound is safe for the baby, especially if it is done within the first 5-8 weeks of pregnancy.

Yes, it is perfectly safe.

Why do I feel drowsy the whole day, though I get sound sleep of about 8 hours at night?

The reasons for this could be manifold. common causes of the same are: self-imposed short sleep time; medications (tranquilizers, sleeping pills, antihistamines); sleep disorders (such as sleep apnea syndrome and narcolepsy). Note that sound sleep for 8

What is Torch Panel Test? What is tested? Is it blood?

TORCH is an acronym for Toxoplasmosis, Rubella, Cytomegalovirus, and Herpes simplex. It is a test to screen for diseases in the blood of both a mother and her infant. If the mother contracts any of these diseases, they can cross the placenta and cause ser

i m 23 yrs old and lead an active professional life. my query is regarding swimming as an exercise. due to constraint of time i m unable to swim more than twice a week-intensive one hour sessions. is this enough or do i need to make changes in this schedu

Swimming is an excellent execise. It benefits the body even if practiced twice or thrice a week.If you cannot swim on those days, then you can do some other form of exercise like speed walking, running etc. on the other days to remain fit.

sir i want to know the effects of hand practice on mind & body sir i am into this practice for the last 5 years

There are absolutely no ill effects of masturbation on mind and body.

i am diagonised to have subserous fibroid of 4.6x4.8x5.6 cms.causes motions 4 or 5 times a day and incontinence should i get operated or leave it alone to shrink during menopause. i get my periods every 21 days since last 3 yrs bleeding only for 3 to 4 da

This actually ought to be a choice made by you. You should discuss the pros and cons with your doctor. Ask him/her what negative consequences could occur by avoiding surgery. Finally if surgery is going to stop your incontinance, its worth it as that will

I have been having a lot of hair loss for the past 1 month. No dandruff or any other stress related problem. Started using a hair conditioner which I used only 3 times in the past 1 month. Now I have stopped that also. Inspite of it the hair fall conti

Kindly get your scalp examined from a dermatologist to rule out an infection as it could cause hair loss.

I just wanted to know that, at my age level why am i lacking in my height and weight and what are the things to be done to correct this. Iam very much addicted to coffee and drink as much as 4-5 cups a day.Thank U.

There is nothing you can do to get your height increased as your bones will have fully ossified by now. Avoid so many cups of tea/coffee and eat healthy and exercise regularly so that you do not become over-weight.

i was sexually very active from the age of 14 years , but from last two years the urge to have sex has declined to 10% , even the sexual arousal & erection has come down , my general health is perfect & will be getting married soon , can u suggest me to c

You probably are a vicitim of mental conflict. many who have had homosexual experiences are worried about their hetrosexual ability. You will require detailed sex counselling to overcome this problem. Please meet a sex counsellor or a psychiatrist for the

Recently my doctor has told me that i might be heading for a menupause. I am having periods very frequently ie. 14 days. my HB has dropped to 8 gms.Is there a cause for concern. What action should i take to deal with this problem

irregular menses at this age generally means you are heading for a menopause, however such a low heamoglobin is an immediate cause of concern. If you are having heavy blood loss during these frequent menses, you can ask for further investigations, rule ou

I am getting a slightly brown/dark type skin in the area far below the eyes but adjacent to nose on both sides since the last 2 years.I am a very fair complexioned and some allergy medicines given by the skin specialist in the past have only temporarily

These are common symptomsat your age. This could be due to physiological changes that occur with age and you may require to follow the treatment given by your specialist on a regular basis, apart from this please do yoga, meditation and stress management

Of late I have some problem with my eyes i.e., suddenly I experience distorted vision and then headache. This persists for 5 to 10 minutes (Headache remains for major part of the day). Blood pressure is around 140/90 - 95. My family has history of "Thy

Hyperthyroidism may present with high BP. You will require to meet a neurologist to ascertain the cause of the headache and distorted vision.

I am dibetic & having B.P. & I have have developed Impotence Kindly suggest any cure any Indian medecine like Viegra---Jagmohan

The medications that you are on (anti hypertensive/antidiabetic)could be a cause and may require a change or be adjusted to minimum possible doses. There is no known indian medicine that equals viagra in its actions and indications.

Dear sir!!! Well this is 20 year old engg student. i came to know about you people thru' regular net surfing and thru' search engines.I am a normal guy, who enjoy my life as it comes. Till now my life was basically in shell. I was totally unaware abou

Many thanks for the query, it will be beyond this forum to provide you a full scale sex education through this medium. But a few guide lines that may help you are as follows: 1)Do not have sex with commercial sex workers. 2)There is no need for you to h

I have reddish spots on my legs. blood report is normal. Biopsy reports says I have vasculitis. what should be the treatment.spots are 4-5cm in radius.

Many thanks for the query. Vasculitis could be localised or affect other organs of the body as well. It will be important to rule out the latter as treatment will depend on the same.

just before the intercourse it happens the my male partner has an habit to kiss at the my vagina and it gives me great pleasure by i am afraid of any infection can take place What will happen if i am not been been involed ever in to intercourse.

Contact between mouth and vagina should not cause infections and there is no cause for worry. It is a common sexual practice.

What is shigalosis and the treatment for it?

We think you mean, shigellosis. This is an infection caused by a bacteria called Shigella. The most common manifestation of Shigellosis is dysentry, frequent passage of loose stools, mucus and blood. The condition is serious and requires immediate medical

I am 45 yrs and a diabetic for 12 yrs. Diabetes is controlled by drugs. Recently I got TSH done which is .4 only. Do I need medication for that?

TSH, by this we believe you mean Thyroid Stimulating hormone. There are many factors that influence the level of this hormone in the blood. Do not conclude that it is a problem unless you have some symptoms that your endocrinologist (hormone expert) links

How to eliminate diaebetes totally over a period of 6 months. Please suggest the remedy. My present sugar levels are a) in fasting- 120 b) Post meal -170 I am taking one glynase, one DBITD thrice a day. Please suggest the remedy . HOping for early

Diabetes cannot be cured; it can only be controlled using diet therapy, regular exercise, proper medication and regular check-ups. Yoga and ayurveda, in some cases, prevent the condition from getting worse.

I could not improve my health.please advice

Please make a more specific query as health is too vauge a term and could mean physical health, mental health, etc.

Is oral Insulin on its way to the medical shops?When and how soon?

Oral insulin is still being tested clinically in the USA and it will be a few years before it will be commercially available.

I work for ten hours in a day in a computer firm. When I reach home I find swelling in both my feet and slightly above. Please tell what is the problem ?

You may have varicose veins, please get yourself examined by a local doctor. Do raise your feet till the knee levels for few minutes every hour or so, which may help you.

My feet suffer from fungus. The skin on my inner toes wastes away, always leaving raw inner skin open, which hurts. Talcum powder doesn't help. What do I do?

Keep your toes dry. Use a antifungal powder for that. If you wear shoes then see it that you remove them as & when you get chance to do so.

the size of my bust is very small. the sizeis 32. i wanna increase the size pls help me.

If you are below weight then eating fat containing food like ghee etc. may help you. There is no specific remedy for your problem.

what are the bad causes of masturbation.

There are no bad causes of masturbation what so ever in any form.

the skin of my glans penis has become white [lost its color]there is no loss of sensation , i feel shy to consult a doctor so please advise me [please could you write the message to my e-mail address, i will be gratefull to you]

Please specify, are you referring to the foreskin that covers the glans penis or are you referring to the glans penis itself. It is difficult to say what is the problem on the basis of description provided by you. We don't want to presume anything. You mu

Knee Joint Pain: ================= As you can see, I'm overweight by about 10-15 kgs and lead a sedentary life. I'm a manager at a software firm. I'm married, have a five year old son. I have been fit and have had no health problems at all until now.

The knee pain can be atributed to over weight. Knee joint is a weight bearing joint. You seriuosly need to look into the matter as knee pain may continue if no attention is paid. Contact a physiotherapiest or a sports medicine consultant & follow their in

i have hurnia in my right side how to cure it

Hernia till the time not giving pain, swelling is safe, you need to get operated for it, as only medicines have no cure. Do not lift weight, see to that you never suffer from constipation or chronic cough as it may increase your problem.

Hi, My girl friend had her last periods on 13th April, this month they started on 10th May i.e. on time. Normally her periods last for three days with the first day with heavy bleeding which gets lesser with the second day and ends on the third day. This

Such a thing possible once in six months, still to be on safer side get her hemoglobin checked, if it is below normal you need to treat it.

I am in depression because of losing my plum job for some reason.I am under homeopathy treatment.These days I eat a lot & sleep lot.I feel like eating sweets & maggy noodles all the time.what does it mean.how can i resist eating more & sleeping in the day

Eating more & sleeping more are because of depression. If the depression is not better confess it to your homeopath. If still you don't improve then change your homeopath.

i have alot of hair all over my body can they be reduced .i feel very shy about tham and i cant swim because they look ugly

They can not be removed if you do that then the growth may be more. You need not feel shy about it as it.

Is it necessary to be on contraception on the FirstNight. As the bride will be losing her virginity is it necessary to ask her to be on oral contraception ????

Yes, if she is undergoing ovulatory cycle then she may conceive. Use of a condom is the safest contraceptive method.

does a person in depression tend to eat a lot as well as sleep a lot,specially prefers to sleep in the day time & sleeps late at night. if a person in depression craves for sweets, & maggi noodles does it have any significance indicating he is coming out

Eating lot and sleeping lot even during day time suggests that he is still under depression. Craving for sweets or noodles are not signs of improvement as far as homeopathic line of treatment is concerned. If there is no improvement change the homeopath.

Mr. Doctor, I have noticed that size of one of one of my testis has become larger than the other one. please specify the problem and cure for it.

Normally size of one testis is greater than the other, get yourslef examined to detect whether you are really suffering from a disease.

I am married for the last 7 years and have 2 wonderful kids also. I love my wife very much, but she has this problem of shouting and screaming all the time. She just doesnot have control over her anger and can easily start beating the children at the smal

Please contact a marraige counceller or a clinical psychologist at the earlist, personal councelling will solve your problem.

doctor, i have been recently married. my problem is that size of my husband's penis is too large,that's why there is severe pain during intercourse. please advise me how to avoid this problem but still getting my full pleasure

After few days the problem will resolve on its own. Ask your husaband to be careful & not harsh.

Hello Sir/Madam, I have a radiating pain in my left leg , behind my thigh. I met the doctor , after the X-ray's result had come he said i have a problem in my back and i should undergo physiotherapy. I had attended the physiotherapy course in two sess

Considering your age if you are riding a two wheeler just check that the seat is not single, single seat vehicles do not have proper pring action and tend to give rise to back ache. You may have an opinion of an orthopaedic surgeon.

i have a constant feeling of dizziness & imbalance aggravated by hunger, longer walks,neck movements etc,i have been examined by neurologist& ent specialists who have given me clean chit ialso suffer from frequent chest pains all the investigations are n

Please do check whether you have cervical spondylitis. If it is not there then instead of only taking antidepressants & anxiolytics do take homeopathic or ayurvedic treatment. Learning yoga & regularly doing it may also help.

Heart over beating, is it curable with medicine, please clarify.

This could be due to several reasons. Palpitations and tachycardia could be a sign of anxiety or a heart ailment. Kindly get an examination done by a cardiologist at the earliest.

I am suffering from stress diabetes for a long time. I go out for regular morning walks. Diet in the morning consists of boiled vegetables a pair of sanwich and sour curd. I skip lunch and have a dinner at about 10 in the night which consists of a few cha

Though you are following stringent diet addictions are not allowed. Taper down and stop alcohol & smoking. Control your stress by learning yoga basics & doing it every day. Or take homeopathic or ayurvedic treatment.

I am 8 months pregrnant an on a recent check up, the Gyn: told me that I have a mild techcardia and adviced me to take rest and did a sonography. I am worried and would like to know what precaution should be taken, and will it effect my child whose hearth

The foetus (child in uterus) does have heart rate over 120. Your tachycardia (pulse rate more than normal) can be because of anemia, so check your hemoglobin, if it is below normal then take food containg iron. Rest is also advisable.

i have a problem of my height. i want to be ayleast 5,7" in height. what should i do.

The height depends on your basic tendency to attain it, if your family tendency is only of a certain height then you wont be able to increase it beyond that level. At the most do excercises, no medicine will help you. Till 22 yrs of age there are chances

I am underweight,please advise me how to incerease my weight by at least 3 kgs.

Regular exercise and good nutritious diet will get you to your goal. Kindly get an fitness consultant to teach you the right kind of exercises depending upon the body parts that you may wish to strengthen.

I have married recently. I would like to know when does a woman become pregnant and what are the conditions.

If you have intercourse during the ovulatory cycle then there are high chances of the woman getting pregnant. The ovulatory period is calculated as 10th day from the first day of onset of menses and it ends at 18th day from 1st day of the onset menses. It

dear sir i have a friend named chiin.she is a girl of 23yrs.she is suffering from some disease named SLE when i consulted some doctors they said that it is something related to protien and it is incurable.they said that she may live for 5 to 8 yrs only.

Many thanks for the query. SLE is an illness that generally affects women in adolescence and young adulthood. It is an auto-immune condition where your bodies immune system which is suppose to fight external threats like infection starts affecting its own

Hello, I have been suffering from acidity since i was about 15. I underwent a 3 mth treatment that time.. Zinetac and some other tablets. But the problem is recurring. I get severe burning sensation in the stomach... eating something relieves the pain fo

You ought to have a steady schedule as far as meals are concerned. You will need to eat home cooked food which is non-spicy (bland) and take medications on a regular basis (zinetac). Get a gastroenterologist to examine you and rule out H pylorii infectio

Is there a negative side to masturbation?

There is absolutely no negative effect of masturbation on ones physical, mental or sexual health.


Our site is educative not prescriptive. Lichen planus is a chronic skin disorder often related to stress. There is definite cure in Homeopathy or in Ayurveda, please have personal consultation with either of the consultant from these two branches to get c

can u tell me what to eat and not to eat in arousal and orgasmic disorder and is drinking,smoking and non-veg allowed in this type of disorder

It has been seen that onions in raw form, milk twice in a day-especially at night time acts as an aphrodesiac-stimulator, but it is not a confirmed fact by research. Still smoking is not advisable as it is hazardous for such disorders. As well alcohol is

1 yr back, I started feeling a strange draining sensation in my face and neck about 5-10 minutes after eating. It was accompanied by a popping in the ears, esp. during swallowing. This was strongest immediately after lunch & though my stomach feels full

Your doctor could be right in his suggestion that this could be due to stress. However you may also want to rule out allergy to certain food types and keep a chart of what you eat and its worst. getting your self examined by a gastroenterologist is worth

laryngel cancer radiated in 94 due to recurrance laryngectomy done in 97, cholestrol level is constanly high ie above 500 started taking mevacor drug to control cholestrol,later on doc suspected thyroid disfunction and did examination resulted hypothoiroi

There is evry chance of cholestrol levels getting affected by thyroid dysfunction. You will require to get your hypothyroid state treated and at the same time chart out a low fat diet that you will require to follow rigidly. You may follow the dietary pri

I was gay for last several years. Since last 7 years, I am married and have one daughter now. But since last one year, have very less in sex either with man or wife. Tried for psychologist, but very less help. Can any medicines cure it.

Unfortunately there are no medicines for your difficulty. You will require to solve your mental conflicts realted to this issue and take counsel from therapist. Many a times its worthwhile to seek advice from another counsellor/ psychiatrist as each couns

I have a past history of tuberculosis(12 yrs back) for which i took the full treatment of 8 mths. since last one year , i have been having the problem of sore throat quite frequently. whenever this problem occurs there is a content of blood in my spit . I

Your symptoms are unlikely to be due to TB. However you may be having recurrent upper respiratory tract infection and it might be prudent on your part to avoid all the factors that are likely to cause the same eg. cold drinks and all cold products. If yo

This is about my mother's health. She underwent hystrectomy (uterus removal) some seven years back and during the surgery here ovaries were also removed. Now she is suffering from acute leg pain and leg and feet iritation and doctors say that removal of

Well it seems that your doctor suspects lack of ovarian hormones could be causing this problem. Under these circumstances it is advisable to try out hormone replacement therapy. However there could be many other surgical causes of such a pain and it will

dear dr i was married a year back . as contrceptives i had started Overal-d pills . then i got injectabeles from dr as contraceptives. now the problem is i have not had a proper period for almost nine months i have spotting once in while .i had gone for a

It has been seen over a period of time that after taking oral contraceptive pills such disturbances are there. These disturbances are atributed to hormonal imbalance created by the contraceptives it self. Please do not be under stress, after a period of t

my daughter is having stomach ache and high temp. 100 or 102 for last 4 days. docs recommended stool test which showed WBC and RBC thus detecting some infection, but how come there is infection after taking medicien for the same for the last 4-5 days. sti

Sometimes, medicines and antibiotics do not work because the germs are too resistant. The reason for stool culture is to find out what kind of bacteria is causing the trouble and what kind of antibiotic will work against it. Ultrasonography may be necessa

My friend was ill with TB and was cured she now wants to have a baby and the dodtors have said she can go ahead, what do you feel.

Yes, it is perfectly ok for her to have a baby if she has completed the full course of her TB treatment. If she is uncomfortable, she could consult a gynecologist.

Since last 6-8 months, i am expereinceing strange feeling of shivering and feel internally cold. My appetite has gone down and have very irregular and difficult bowels. Sleep is less. I feel as if the food that i eat is not naturally moving down but comes

Ones psyche can affect the other organs like gut to produce similar complaints. You could be having an anxiety disorder or irritable bowel syndrome. Also you will require to get counselled (cognitive bebhavior therapy) about your ailment and remove all fa

Joint pain

Will glucosamine sulphate and chondrotin a supplement recommended for patients suffering from osteoarthritis will raise the blood sugar level in type 2 diabetic patients.

I have been having pain in both the kneesfor over a month it is difficult to walk even.Is it arthiritis?what treatment should i take?

pain in knee.problem while getting up or sitting.

is glucomycin harmful to patients suffering from type2 diabetes & osteoarthritis?

1)which are the haarmful steroids which can harm the patient suffering from osteo arthritis?

my wife aged 57 yrs is suffering from reumotoid arthritis for the last 5 yrs. now she is having too much pain in her knees and top portion of the calf mussle.she has stated taking REJOINT forthe last one month three times a day.

how SLE is related with arthritius

Dear Sir, I am 33 Yrs Male. I am Software Professional and happen to sit on chair most of time during day. For last few days, I am experiencing pain between Index & Middle Fingers. Also, turn by turn I feel pain in left and right abdomen joint alterna

I am having pain below my right hand elbow and I consulted a Doc who says that it is called Tennis Elbow and I had to be given an injection in the Operation Theatre. CAn u pls advise me what is it due to and whether injection is a must. Looking forward

my mother's age 55yrs and she is suffering from knee pain. infact some doc suggest knee replacement. but can rejoint helps

sir, i have fell down while playing shuttle cock game and my knee is injured, at that time a small sound has occured afterwards within 1 hour twice i fell down due to lack of resistance to take load on the leg which is injured. X-ray is taken but there

some eight years back i observed an swelling beneath the foot, that day i wore a very uncomfortable shoes,i had worked for an 12 hours.due to finincial condition i could not able to change my shoes so i continoued .later years i observed swelling in the t



Sir, Few days back I have submitted three question.But to my surprise Ihave not been receiving any response from your side.Please Iam waiting the reply from you. Thank you.

1.What is the latest result for rhuemotoid arthritis?What is the medication recommended for the above mentioned question. 2.What is the dose of Salfasalazine for adult? 3.To which doctor should i go in the North Eastern Region,since i reside in Manipur

what are the safe medecines for apatient already diagnosed with fde

what is the mechanism of NSAIDs action?

Respected Sir, I am a student of sndt collge, juhu . i need your help as i am looking for a research on fish oils and rheumatoid arthritis. so, i would request you sir to kindly help me to get a reserach anywhere between 1995-2002, coz im not getting the

plz send me the address of a good arthritis doctor in u.p. thanke

Kindly let me know the brand names of Glucosamine and Chondroitin. What should be the dosage for mild Osteo arthritis ?

Glocosamine and Chondroitin are available in market under which brand name and by which company? What should be the dosage?

life style

I was advised Arthoscopy- Can I avoid this by going for phisiotherapy and exercises? What medicine is advised to supplement Glucosamine and Chondroitin?

I would appreciate if you let me know a equivalent for rejoint in USA.

Should I carry shopping with neck spondylosis ?

I am a 27 year old male. I smoked for 14 years and quit 6 weeks ago. It seems like around that time, I developed this aching stinging in my chest. When I turn my upper body from side to side, I can feel the discomfort and sometimes a popping of the musc

Could there be a condition similar to cervical spondylosis that is hereditary? I have a condition that is similar to something my father had. It started from his neck down to his back, and it was quite disabling. I am now showing signs of the same a

What is an Osteoartheritis? I am being treated for osteoartheritis by Dr. Ramesh Kr. Upadhya (Park Road, Allahabad) without any appreciable benefit. I have pain in both the knees and lower part of spinal chord. Sometime the pain is very acute As to my ba

what is really an artheritis?



Sir, I have been suffering from Avascular necrosis fo right hip. Kindly suggest a solution. Can i go for your rejoint medicine. How much does it cost. If it is not available here in my place how do i get it. Pl.Reply immediately. subbarao

I am suffering from AVN of the right hip. Can i go for the medicien Rejoint. How much does it cost?. The medicine is not available in india. What do i do now. Pl. let me know at the earliest.

glucosamine and chondroitin, these combinations do they really work?

how do you differenciate arthritis & osteoarthritis?

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I want to know if Rejoint will help me get relief from my arthritis pain, which i am suffering for the last 3 yrs.

I am of age 22 female from orissa,india. i have been experncing pain in my knees since age 12 during my menstruation periods but since last one and half month it has increased and the pain is felt all over the body. even i cant walk, sit, and bend. i vi

Tendon in right shoulder slips resulting in spilled tea. Please tell me my problem.


sir, my mother aged 45 yrs had arthritis, her left knee had locked due to arthritis. she can not walk. her joint spacing had reduced. doctor told me that it cannot be cured and only joint replacement can be done. so pl tell me about the cost of full jo

about rejoint cost

unable to move my left leg and unable to walk for long

my sister had arthritis around 10 yrs back. now she is fine but her few joints are really stiff. we got a surgery done last year on her left hand but it didnt help. now i just want to ask what should we do next. we are based in delhi. thanx

What type of medicines a patient required to take at an early stage of osteoarthiritis to avoid easy management ?

Whether rejoint can be used freely in Diabetic Patients

Are there any good homely treatments for reducing rheumatology pains. WHere can I get a very good treatment in rheumatology in and around Nashik?

Hello, I will tell you my previous medical history in brief. Two years ago, I was told that I was having Trasitional Cell Carcinoma (TCC) CANCER in my right kidney after the biopsy. This biopsy was advised because I was suffering from painless

Hello, I will tell you my previous medical history in brief. Two years ago, I was told that I was having Trasitional Cell Carcinoma (TCC) CANCER in my right kidney after the biopsy. This biopsy was advised because I was suffering from painless

Hello, I will tell you my previous medical history in brief. Two years ago, I was told that I was having Trasitional Cell Carcinoma (TCC) CANCER in my right kidney after the biopsy. This biopsy was advised because I was suffering from painless

Hello, I will tell you my previous medical history in brief. Two years ago, I was told that I was having Trasitional Cell Carcinoma (TCC) CANCER in my right kidney after the biopsy. This biopsy was advised because I was suffering from painless

I'm suffering with acute rheumotoid arthritis from 6 years. My age is 21 yrs. Can my jint be replaced

difference between glucosamine HCL& glucosamine sulfate for OA.which is better

shifting pain from one joint to another. and severe during cold weather

regarding moderate osteoarthritis of the knee joints and any relief from pain with rejoint 100. thanks.

My mother has been advised for knee transplant as she is suffering from acute osteoarthritis. hOW FAR THIS OPERATION IS SUCCESSFUL. wILL SHE NOT HAVE PAID AFTER THE OPERATION. wHAT IS THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY IN KNEE REPLACEMENT.

My mother has been advised for knee transplant as she is suffering from acute osteoarthritis. hOW FAR THIS OPERATION IS SUCCESSFUL. wILL SHE NOT HAVE PAID AFTER THE OPERATION. wHAT IS THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY IN KNEE REPLACEMENT.

cure for acute inflamation and pain of arthritis of knees

are celecoxib or rofecoxib cintainng coxII inhibitor manufactured and marketted in india- if so by whom? thanks



My father, aged 61 is suffering from RA. He has a swelling in the ankle joint. He was advised to take some medicines containing steroids. But long term use of the medicine was not suggested by the doctor. He has pains while moving, sitiing, getting up. Is

long lasting backpain, X_ray is normal,MRI normal,RA factor,normal,Blood test -normal, knee pain alsopresent, response in NSAID is poor. What it may be?

After one year of partial nephrectomy of my right kidney, I first developed severe pain in the right knee, mild pain in the left pain and now all of a sudden i am sufferening from acute lower back pain. X-ray of the right knee shows nothing except sligh

where is the branch of Indian Rheumatism Assosoiation (IRA)hq pd hinduja hospital located in chennai?

dear doctor,i have been suffering from severe neck pain&shuolder pain.for the last 3 yrs&has tried various treatments.now i would like to know the harmful effects of corticosteroid injections for the treatment of cervical spontilosis.pls reply

sir i've been suffering from back pain for last one and half year.. i've tried many thing... pain is mainly in the back..but sometimes it shifts to the whole body... sir its a shifting pain...i can't put much pressure on my left leg..i feel some cram

sir,i am a mariner by proffession. i am suffering from joint pains espesially both knee joints,arm joints and elbow joints.mostely i feel pain in knee joints while climbing up and down the ladders and also sounds come from joints.in this way iam suffering

my father is suffering from knee pain from long back the doctors have told that it cannot be heald, I read about the arthrists problems in the magazine you had mentioned many tests so how to go about it whom to contact to get the right tests for my father

dear sir, my mom ( age 47) suffers from arthritis in her knees....the cartilage has worn out.could you please tell me something about the drugs called as nutraceuticals...i mean under what name are the drugs glucosamine and chondroitin available

I have had a persistent cold, sore throat for a few months,i developed joint pains this month, which shift between knees,shoulders, elbow,fingers. There is no redness. i have tested negative for rhematoid fever but positive for rhemuotoid factor( count no

I have had a persistent cold, sore throat for a few months,i developed joint pains this month, which shift between knees,shoulders, elbow,fingers. There is no redness. i have tested negative for rhematoid fever but positive for rhemuotoid factor( count no

I have had a persistent cold, sore throat for a few months,i developed joint pains this month, which shift between knees,shoulders, elbow,fingers. There is no redness. i have tested negative for rhematoid fever but positive for rhemuotoid factor( count no

my mother is suffering arthritis for the past 10 years. I have taken her to various kinds of treatments. Allopathic: nice and previously voveran. accupuncture was also tried, yoga was also tried, but so far no relief. kindly suggest what should be the b

What r the names of the drugs used as GLUCOSAMINE & CHONDROITIN supplements for O A Treatment.

iam 20 years old and i've suffering from rhumatoid arthritis from the last six months.i've been suggested to take Penidure LA 12 on every 21days. please suggest me that how long will i have to take this injection.presently my blood investigation reported

My mother is 54 years old and is severely crippled with arthritis for the last 7 years. We have been to many doctors, tried both homeopathic and alopathic medicine but to no avail. She was also diagnosed with diabetes 7-8 years ago but now its under check

sir i have suffering since last 4 years in my hand as a result it is very difficult 4 me to write .when i go 4 writing i get a felling in my hand that i could not write ,i get metally presurized and my hand go stif very much sometime i don't want to live.


I am 51 years old and i am sufferring from\" OSTIO ARTHRITIS\"past 1 year and the pain is really very severe.My x-ray report says that it is a very early stage of ostio arthritis ,i do the exercises daily prescribed for ostio arthiritis and take medicine

i m suffering from rumatoid arthritis since 4 yrs.i m under treatment of dr. joshi of Hinduja hospital. i m taking methotraxate - 5/week, chloroquine-1/day, folvite - 2/day, dumasoles Z- 1/day, shelcal - 2/day, voveran - 3/day. my quary is that is there a

i m suffering from rumatoid arthritis since 4 yrs.i m under treatment of dr. joshi of Hinduja hospital. i m taking methotraxate - 5/week, chloroquine-1/day, folvite - 2/day, dumasoles Z- 1/day, shelcal - 2/day, voveran - 3/day. my quary is that is there a

1.What precautions/Medication & Exercise should one take to overcome pain in advanced stage of Osto Arthritis. 2.Is it curable or not?

1.What precautions/Medication & Exercise should one take to overcome pain in advanced stage of Osto Arthritis. 2.Is it curable or not?

Some times I feel pain with stiffness around neck-shoulder. Generally it is felt more the day I am working on PC for a longer period. Also the pain will some time travell to mid of the back. I have used balms and other pain relief spreys for that but no p

This is guru prasad from goodhealthnyou, checking this service..!

I am sufferring from excess knee strain.please guide.

Hello doctor My problem is that I am havin severe pain in my right leg joint for the past five months so please advice me and the necessary food materials for consumption and the medicins. Thank you

Dear Doctor, One day morning I had neck and shoulder pain, as it doesnot subside with ointment, I went to a neurologist suspecting may be spondylosis. he checked and said it is not spondilysis but muscular and prescribed Rofact 12.5mg tablets for a week

I am suffering from Arthritis for the last few years. Do let me know what sort of treatment is the best. I am on medications right now.

I am suffering from Arthritis for the last few years. Do let me know what sort of treatment is the best. I am on medications right now.

I am suffering from Arthritis for the last few years. Do let me know what sort of treatment is the best. I am on medications right now.

I am suffering from Arthritis for the last few years. Do let me know what sort of treatment is the best. I am on medications right now.

what is rejoint

what is rejoint

Are there any medications to ease the pain of Arthritis?What precautions should be taken to prevent further deterioration of the affected joints?

I am suffering in ankyolosisi spondilitis for more than one year, and using roficoxib 25 mg. tab twice daily along with ostiofos & other medicine, is roficoxib is safe , if taken for a long time ? pl. advice

I am suffering in ankyolosisi spondilitis for more than one year, and using roficoxib 25 mg. tab twice daily along with ostiofos & other medicine, is roficoxib is safe , if taken for a long time ? pl. advice



I have arthritis





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